Desiree (issaulguhd_yoh) wrote in centennialc,

LinuxWorld & NetworkWorld Volunteer Opportunity

LinuxWorld and NetworkWorld Canada is seeking student volunteers (Business or IT-inclined) to assist with the upcoming Conference & Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, April 24 - 26, 2006. Volunteers will be able to attend the conference sessions of their choice in return for their time (conference admission rates run between $925 - $1125).

Sponsors include IBM, Novell, Samsung, and HP; this is a great networking opportunity as attendance is almost entirely professional and about 50% senior strata. Students are generally NOT allowed to attend, so the executive-to-student ratio is quite advantageous.

To view conference speakers and session abstracts, or to get more info, please visit

If you're interested, download the application form here:

Completed application forms should be faxed to 905-886-9579.

Questions? Email or call me at 905-695-0123 x206.

Deadline for application submission: April 1, 2006
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