Brassfire the Burninator (brassfire) wrote in centennialc,
Brassfire the Burninator

Question about OSAP

I'm hoping to attend Centennial this fall. However, I can't seem to find out if the weekly maximum that OSAP states on it's website, includes tuition (and therefore the total amount of loan is the weekly amount x the weeks in the program) or if tuition then makes the maximum loan higher than just the weekly maximum x the weeks in the term...

Does OSAP calculate a weekly maximum of *all* costs for the loan, or does it calculate a certain amount for tuition and then in addition to that provide a weekly amount for the other expenses and then that whole amount of both is the total loan?

Also, considering TO rents, how much does OSAP think is reasonable for rent?

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: Found out. The maximum is the maximum including all costs. I wish it was possible to see the logic behind it but this being government of course that information isn't on the site...
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