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Ok I need some serious help...I am so confused right now and stressing out. I called Centennial today because on Friday I got some letter saying I needed to pay my fees/tution by July 11th (thanks for all the notice Centennial). So I still haven't gotten my OSAP money yet, and I'm freaking out.

I went online and I see there are options for payment. One of them is the Installment Plan which states:
Selecting an Installment Plan option will result in a request for a fixed amount, partially non-refundable payment of:
Outstanding balance must be paid by the first day of classes. $320.00
An additional administration charge will also be levied for selecting this payment option: 30.00 $ 350.00

Then there is also the Financial Aid Fee Deferral Plan
Selecting the Financial Aid option will result in a payment request for the following non-refundable Tuition deposit: $ 100.00
An additional administration charge will also be levied for selecting this payment option: $130.00

BUT, when I click on the Financial Fee Deferral Plan it won't let me select it because it says I am ineligable because OSAP hasn't figured out my loan stuff yet. So I can't do it.

What I want to know is, if I pay the $350 installment plan, is that telling Centennial I can pay my student loans myself, or what? I'm sorry I am being confusing, I am just stressed out, this is due tomorrow. Basically I want to know when I will get OSAP, and if by choosing the installment option I am not agreeing that I can pay the tution all my own in installments. I NEED OSAP, I just have no idea when they plan to give it to me.

If anyone has any thoughts, or suggestions please let me know. I'm really confused and stresed right now. Thanks.
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Did you only try the deferral option once? I'm in the same situation as you, and when I went to pay my fees it gave me the same message, but then I went back to the start page and tried it again and it let me use the deferral option and pay the $130. No idea why it only worked the second time, but maybe try it again, and if that doesn't work, call the financial aid office.

Also, you don't get your OSAP money until school has started. You'll have to go and fill out some paperwork and show two forms of ID (license & social insurance card, usually) and give them a void cheque so that they can directly deposit the funds.
Yeah after basically having a heart attack, it FINALLY let me pick this option.

Blah I hate this OSAP stuff...I wish I was rich. :P
hahaha, yeah, me too! ;)